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+What is web hosting?
A:The web hosting service gives an/the user the possibility to have a website visible on the Internet. Companies that offer such services give an user access to shared technical resources or dedicated of a server with internet access so that the hosted website can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
+What is a domain name?
A: A domain name is a name that identifies a unique IP address allocated by the hosting provider. The name of a domain must be unique, because two domains with the exact same name can be registered only with different extensions (TLD). The domain name can have maximum 63 characters, but we recommend choosing a short name so that people can remember it.
+Where do i find the cPanel login details of my hosting plan ?
A: Once you have made the payment for the service, you will receive an email on the address you registered as a client with that contains all the needed information to access your service. The email subject is "New Account Information". If you don't find this email in your inbox folder, please check the spam folder also (since it may land in that folder also).
+ What nameservers should i add to my domain ?
A: In the email sent with all the service details, you will also receive the nameservers you must setup for your domain name.
+ Can I register a domain for more than 1 year?
A: Yes, but it depends on the TLD for how many years. Most of the domain names can be registered for more than one year, the only exception being the .uk domains which can be registered for 2 years minimum.
+ How long it takes for me to receive the service details once I confirmed the payment?
A: Once your payment is confirmed, the account will be activated within minutes.
+ Can I upgrade my hosting plan disk space?
A: The disk space upgrade addon is available only for Platinum hosting plans (Personal or Coporate), but you can always upgrade to the next hosting plan as it offers more disk space.
+ Do you have your own datacenter?
A: Yes. BrainHost is the hosting brand for OPTICNET SERV Company. OPTICNET is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and has two datacenters equipped at European standards.
+ What happends if my website exceeds the allocated resources (disk space or Traffic)?
A: Regarding the Traffic there is nothing to worry about since all hosting plans have Unlimited Traffic. Regarding the disk space, before exceeding the disk space, you will receive one or more notifications, that way you can avoiding running out of disk space on your hosting plan.
+ What payment methods can I use?
A: For foreign customers we offer two payment methods: payment with credit card through Mobilpay and Paypal.
+ I have a problem and I need support, what can I do?
A: You can login into your client account at (https://portal.brainhost.eu/clientarea.php) and add a support ticket through the menu "Open Ticket". Beside the ticketing system we also offer support via email or phone.
+ Can I request support at any hour?
A: Yes, our support program is 24/7 no matter what support method you use. The response time can vary from 5m inutes to 1-2 hours depending on the severity of your problem.

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