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BrainHost offers three very easy payment methods, namely:

Payment by PayPal
Payment by MobilPay

1. Payment by PayPal
When you order a product, complete your order and choose to pay via PayPal, you will have the invoice displayed in pdf format, which contains two options. One to create an account (PayPal Subscribe) and one to log into your PayPal account to pay immediately (PayPal Checkout). Payment method through PayPal is easy because there is no need to send any document to prove that the payment was made, the confirmation being done automatically by our ordering system.

2. Payment by MobilPay
When you arrive at checkout and view the invoice, select payment method MobilPay in the right corner of the proforma. Click the Pay Now this bill and you will be redirected to MobilPay secure portal where you must complete all the necessary data to complete the payment. The payment is made in a completely secure environment, ensuring that your credit card information isn't intercepted in any way. Once you have entered all the necessary information and finished the payment, you will be redirected to our order portal where you will wait for confirmation of payment and product activation.

In case you have any problems with the payment, please contact immediately via email at

3. Payment by PaySafeCard
Pay safely online without a bank account or credit card?
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