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Servers Collocation
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Brain Collocation
  • 5Mbps
  • 100Mbps
  • 99.9%
  • 5
  • Rack 1U
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Some conditions that must be met in order to make co-location::

If you have a desktop computer with a case, their required height should be less than 19 inches (48.3 cm) so that it can be installed in a drawer rack width.
Maximum Power Consumption: 600W

Co-location means hosting your own servers in BrainHost datacenter. Co-location is the optimal solution for hosting your sites and applications when they are large consumers of resources or when you want to provide web services on your own, with the best quality. Throught the co-location services, BrainHost ensures::

  • High-quality Internet
  • Redundant connections to major ISPs in Romania
  • Secure environment with limited access to data center
  • Controled Temperature
  • Network Monitoring 24x7x365
  • Optional Services server administration
  • Optional backup services

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